Conserving Western Australia's Native EcoSystems

Our organisation is a not-for-profit aimed at improving the health and condition of local ecosystems.

Our Mission

Our mission is for Wirambi Landcare to be a step closer as a key stakeholder and voice in the preservation and restoration of ecosystems within Western Australia. Our vision involved increasing public awareness on species and inhabitants to emphasise their ecological importance. We will be proactive with the local community and government organisations to build strong working relationships and networks to manage and protect our native ecosystems.

Who are we?

Our organisation, Wirambi Landcare, is a not-for-profit organisation working to rehabilitate nature reserves. Wirambi aims to assist friend groups with their efforts to reduce weed invasion, improving the conditions of urban bushland reserves they feel passionate about.

What do we do?

Wirambi works closely with interested members to tailor an action plan specific to the bushland. We select and identify target weed species, advising how best to treat them and on appropriate revegetation to reduce weed recolonization. We assess progress by photo monitoring.

Why we need you!

Volunteers are critical to making a difference and increasing community environmental awareness with Wirambi Landcare. It will be a great learning and valuable experience, a chance to meet new people and a huge support for us! We have opportunities for volunteers to receive relevant industry experience too.


This includes conducting field surveys, maintaining and rehabilitating your reserves with a three-year action plan. We can also help you better understand your area.

Blue Gum Lake Reserve

Blue Gum Lake project mainly includes targeting weed species and revegetation at the Lake. The project aims to provide education on weed management and assisting with weed treatment for a three year period. It includes a revegetation plan on managing and improving the biodiversity within the Blue Gum Lake reserve.