Blue Gum Lake Project

This project is a definitive plan to be in place for managing and improving the biodiversity of selected areas within the outlined in and around Blue Gum Lake reserve. It targets the weeds species present within the sites and, how to manage them. It also includes a re-vegetation plan to increase native plant abundance and diversity.

The long-term goal for the reserve is to reduce the amount of weeds present on site thereby increasing the abundance and biodiversity of endemic plant species within the reserve. Along with Re-vegetation this will contribute to long-term weed control, provide habitat for fauna and increase plant genetic diversity of native plants.

During the program there will be yearly reviews to ensure all objectives and tasks are on track. Quarterly meetings will also take place with the Friends groups to discuss any issues or problems that have arisen during the work or if new weeds species have occurred.

Overall aims:

  • Identifying and understanding the biology of the weeds on site.

  • Know how to treat the weeds and when.

  • Conduct re-vegetation on the reserve.